Somalia which is preparing to gain its continental position remained under huge domestic quandary which is perpetrated by the so called international community.

The UN special envoy to Somalia Michael Keating is among few foreign diplomats who have been busy to carry out policies which are against Somalia’s path to overcome three decades of discord.

Keating has been blowing dividing policies to strength his diplomatic career by flaming regional conflicts and creating new discords aimed at derailing Somalia’s onging process of self-governance.

The foreign diplomats including Keating has no greater mission to unite Somalia and instead work under harsh rules which is narrated by the US to keep Somalia linger on the status quo.

Outgoing Somalia President Hassan Shiekh Mohamud who is credited as war broker and former aide to General Aaydiid is now planning to run for presidency in second term, a dream if he realizes could prompt political jeopardy and renew civil war.

Back to 1991, outgoing President has lost his elder son in one of the fierce fightings that General Aydiid tried to hold capital city of Mogadishu.  Hassan’s son was fighting along Aydiid’s troops to overthrow President Barre.

The corrupt electoral commission has also recently managed to seat MPs who have involved fraud and corrupt misconducts over the last two decades to vote for Hassan Sheikh.

An electoral national forum which regional states and observers have participated add more 3 seats to every regional state by disregarding pending seats which is supposed to be contested. Puntland state has a lot to grieve on the process as state lacks legitimate parliamentary seats.

Preliminary reports indicate that Hawiye clan which has mass blood on hands planning to wipe out Daarood clan from presidency by bribing officials loyal to Damjadiid party to stand for the parliament’s speaker race which is probably humiliating Daarod.

Now a clandestine meeting is reportedly occurring in Ethiopia’s capital of Addis Ababa which fewer regional leaders are talking on masterminding a political plan which they want to pinch Somalia’s top political positions.

The Qatari financed party of Damjaduud has probably earmarking to block Daaroods to occupy presidency or remain in the premier position. Minor leaders including Southwest leader Sharif Hassan Sheikh with Hawiye’s main administrations of Gal-Mudug and Hirshabelle set the map which seems widespread and revealed.