1. Corruption to the bone. These men have stolen the presidency of Somalia by bribing the members of the newly selected parliament. It is their most effective tool to win the political gains.

2. Political assassination. They masterminded cruel acts of assassinations against the most prominent and enlighted members of the parliament; namely but not limited: H.E Admiral Haid (former commander of Somali navy), H.E Sada Ali Warsame (prominent performer, singer and poet).

3. Terrorism. They condone and cooperate with the most notorious terrorist elements in Somalia, the Al Shabaab. Every Somali knows that the python head terrorism is roaming around the country, perpetuating the most heinous crimes, but the tail and the eggs of the dread is in Villa Somalia. They use the terrorist groups as an extra hand to intimidate, and assassinate anyone who does not align with their political agenda. The living example is the latest conspiracy to assassinate H.E. Yusur Abrar, then president of the central bank of Somalia. Luckily she escaped by miracle.

4. Political manipulation. Along the course of the transitional administration, this group has been  trying to interfere the course of the evolving regional administrations; and disrupt if that process is not in line with their devilish agenda. For that purpose, they ignited an armed conflict between the different tribes and entities of Jubaland, which costed many lives and properties. Now they are involved in political manipulations of Hiraan and Middle Shabelle regions, to install political puppets.

5. Imbezzlement. This cabal has looted millions of dollars from the public funds, and high jacked the international aides to corrupt the members of the upcoming parliament and traditional leaders.

6. Abuse of power. Although Hassan sheik’s term has ended by August 2016, but still he is sitting  on the crown seat of the people of Somalia.