Should Gas look himself in the Mirror and put his hands up

Someone miraculously posted the following article penned by non-other than Dr. A M A Gas in 2007, at around the same time that he is giving away the Port of Bosaso to enrich himself at the expense of the Somali people. I wonder in comparison to what he saw then in 2007 to what is going on Puntland under his watch – the corruption that has no bounds, the nepotism that he had been shamelessly practicing since the day he assumed office, printing his own money in Bosaso that no bank in Puntland controls, the properties he is buying in East Africa, the United States just to name a few. I am curious about what his reaction would be if he were to read his article of 2007 in which he painted as Puntland as a helpless, corruption ravaged place, in the full knowledge of where he and his shameful gang have taken it over the past 4 years.

I suggest he should examine himself, reverse his latest chapter of selling Puntland down the drain to fill his already bulging accounts and pockets with the massive amounts of money that he has been siphoning off since the day he assumed the presidency of Puntland.

If I were in the same position, I would apoogise to the late General Ade Muse and to the people of Puntland, not only for the gigantic exaggeration I theoretically made up, but also to the pain and the pillaging I systematically undertook. Is he gonna look himself in the mirror and do that? Not in a million years, I guess.

Here is his article on Puntland in 2007

Corruption in Puntland and Adde Muse’s Noble-Sounding Nonsense
by Abdiweli M. Ali, Ph.D.
Saturday, July 28, 2007

(Click here) Corruption in Puntland and Adde Muse – Dr Gas


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