Farmaajo declared war on Al Shabab in less than two months into his now defunct presidency. And we all know that his declared war did nothing to deter the terrorists from doing their evil acts of terrorizing the Somali people, particularly those in Mogadishu. It is worth noting that the war he declared is still officially in place. Needless to say, no one took it seriously.

The notion that Farmaajo wants to declare a nation-wide state of emergency is, simply put, his last desperate political act. He has finally realized the writing on all the walls in Mogadishu and elsewhere in the country. That’s message is, unequivocally, that he has FAILED AND FAILED MISERABLY.

I do not believe that the Somali federal parliament is gullible enough to accept such a ridiculous proposal like what Farmaajo is expected to ask them to authorize. In any event, putting the country in a state of emergency is impractical and will fail spectacularly. There are several for this.

First, Farmaajo has utterly failed both as a person and a president. And no matter what kind of clothes he puts on (civilian or Somali Army camouflage) he is still the same man. He is a confused man who is lost in the ocean and a political neophyte, with no agenda or vision for the country. No rational person in the country believes that this fact will change simply because a state of emergency is declared.

Second, before he calls for the declaration of state of emergency, he should, at the very least, activate the security council both at the federal government level and more importantly, at the national level. Recent, President Farmaajo and his Khiyaano Qaran government had an agreement with the presidents of the federal member states regarding the creation of a federal level national security council. In short, he cannot use national security issues as a rationale for declaring state of emergency without activating the council and seeking their consent. So he is procedurally walking in the wild.

Third, the Kismayo conference showed that the federal government has neither political nor military control of the entire country. The presidents of the federal member state gave president Farmaajo an unforgettable lesson on ”Realpolitik” when they publicly told him that he controls only half of Mogadishu. Unfortunately, it seems that the president has already forgotten that lesson.

Fourth, the security of the country is in the hands of the African Union Mission in Somalia known as AMISOM. Hence, it is highly unlikely that AMISOM will go along with a half-baked idea of conducting new military operations without a well-planned and well-coordinated strategy in place. President Farmaajo has neither plan nor strategy dealing with the security challenges in the country.

In short, president Farmaajo’s deceitful attempt of using the catastrophic terrorist attack in Mogadishu as rational to declare state of emergency is impractical and unworkable. THE BEST HE CAN DO FOR THE COUNTRY IS TO RESIGN.

As a side point, I think Farmaajo and his Khiyaano Qaran advisors are politically insensitive. October 21 is the day the Somali military deposed a democratically elected civilian government in 1969. And calling for a joint session of Somali the federal parliament shows that the people on helm are politically clueless.